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How to care for your Trollbeads

How to care for your Trollbeads products

Trollbeads products are crafted from sterling silver and treated to enhance their detail and give them their characterisitc finish.  Like all sterling silver, the beads and chain may naturally tarnish over time.  We recommend cleaning your Trollbeads products with a silver polishing cloth.  Do not use any cleaning solution, including liquid silver polish, as it will remove the oxidation of the beads, bracelet or chain.  Avoid ultrasonic cleaners.

Do not wear your Trollbeads in the shower, sauna, swimming pool or ocean.  They may contain chemicals (such as chlorine and bromine) or minerals that will accelerate the tarnishing process.  Exposure to soap, body lotion, hairspray, perfume, makeup, and household cleaning products may also affect the finish.  To remove light dirt and fingerprints from your Trollbeads jewellery, add a small amount of mild liquid dish soap to lukewarm water, scrub with a soft brush and rince thoroughly with clean water.